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Passe Magnético e Câmera de Regeneração Celular

Passe Magnético: Todas as quintas-feiras, as 18:00 hs.

Câmera de Regeneração Celular (presencial e a distância)

Rua Assunção, 297, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Contato e agendamento: +55 (21) 98181-5397

Magnetic Pass and Cellular Regeneration Camera
Magnetic Pass: Every Thursday at 6 pm.
Cellular Regeneration Camera (in person and at a distance)
Rua Assunção, 297, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Contact and scheduling: +55 (21) 98181-5397

Magnetic Pass

The Pass is an energetic condition of fluidic cleaning.

Fluidic cleaning is like passing a cloth over a dust, because the physical body has the property of stagnating these heavy, dense, dark energies. So when a person takes a Pass, it’s like passing a cloth with a cleaning product over the entire physical body, cleaning the physical body, and the perispirit vibrates at a higher and better frequency.

Consequently, a series of diseases already installed in the physical body, and also others that are still in the perispirit, suffer a great improvement. Those who are still in the perispirit, who still don’t belong to the physical body, stop penetrating the physical, given this cleansing that is the Pass.

The Pass is nothing more than the imposition of a new, healthy frequency of Light on matter.

So the Pass is necessary so that the person does not get sick in the future, as well as the improvement of possible illnesses at the time.

The Pass is an antidote, it does not let the person get sick, it performs an intracellular cure, because when the person accepts the Pass, they open up, within this spiritual dimension, so that they receive this frequency of Light, which is given by the Giver of Pass.

It’s very simple to understand all of this, but the vast majority of people first get sick and then heal, but when a disease comes, it doesn’t come by itself, it brings other consequences, it’s like a lot of of strangers inside a house, and each one goes to look for a room, which best wants to stay.

Every disease does not come alone, it comes concomitantly with other frequencies that will look for gaps in the physical body to settle there. So a complaint does not come alone, it brings a series of consequences, which may appear at the time of the illness, and may appear later, sometimes months later.

So all this is foreseen and unavoidable through the Pass.

Pass is a frequency of Light that is donated through a mediumistic body.

When a person takes a Pass and returns home, he radiates this frequency of Luminosity to the people who are there in the house, he takes this with him through the perispirit.

So it is important that people know that the Pass is not just for their own good, but for the Greater Good.

(Dr. Campos, a Being of Light, who disincarnated in the century before last and is channeled by the medium Adilson Rocha)

Passe Magnético como foi ensinado pelo Dr. Hermann Koltz.

Dr. Hermann Koltz foi um médico austríaco que desencarnou em 1917 na I Guerra Mundial, quando o trem que viajava foi atingido por um avião. Há mais de 30 anos o Dr. Hermann Koltz, incorporado num médium, vem atendendo semanalmente pessoas que batem a sua porta, com todo tipo de dores e sofrimento.

Uma parte dos seus ensinamentos, inclusive o Passe Magnético, estão registrados no seu livro:

“Dr. Hermann Koltz, Ensinamentos Espíritas da Saúde.

Dr. Hermann Koltz was an Austrian physician who passed away in 1917 during World War I, when the train he was traveling on was hit by an airplane. For over 30 years, Dr. Hermann Koltz, incorporated into a medium, has been attending weekly to people who knock on his door, with all kinds of pain and suffering.
Part of his teachings, including the Magnetic Pass, are recorded in his book:
“Dr. Hermann Koltz, Spiritist Teachings on Health.

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  1. Claudia Herzfeld says:

    Excellente artigo , amo o passe do Dr Herman Koltz e recomendo para todos , irá aumentar as suas energias, trazendo alívio e paz nas suas mazelas.

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